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Masai Homestay - special excursion from Alizeti Hostel

From his home in Fortaleza, Brazil, Davi launched on an epic journey in June, 2018, and hasn't been home since. He started in Russia for the World Cup... and travelled on from there through 28 different countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

You might think that after all of these travels, after all of the places he has been and people he has met, he might forget Iringa, but I was thankful to find his quick response to my message! Thank you Davi!

While staying at Alizeti Hostel, Davi visited Pawaga, a few hours from Iringa, to visit with a Masai family for a few days. This family has been a part of the extended Alizeti Community for a couple of years, and always happily welcomes guests. Two Masai brothers, Ericki and Musa, are not only hosts who are passionate about their community, but they also speak fluent English to communicate all about it.

As Davi describes about his time there, it was an authentic experience. Although he had visited a Masai village in the Masai Mara, Kenya, the experience was fabricated for tourists - from the dancing and singing to the efforts to sell as many souvenirs as possible. In Pawaga, Ericki and Musa share their family's true, every day life, including food, games, work, celebrations, jokes. If guests are looking for jewellery and handicrafts, they'll have to get it back in Iringa, in the Masai Market.

Undoubtedly, the Masai homestay in Pawaga turns out to be a highlight for those guests who choose to visit. Alizeti Community is so thankful to the excellent hosts, and thankful to Davi for sharing about his experience there! Please enjoy his photos below:

You are welcome to check out Davi's instagram to find out more about his travels!

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