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A New Season at Alizeti!

Alizeti Hostel has weathered a lot of seasons. You can tell by its history of changing management, by its overgrown gardens, by its guests who heard about it from an old friend many years back, by its make-yourself-at-home attitude.

The season we have now is one of increased collaboration, connections, and sharing.

Alizeti isn't just a hostel any more. It's a community.


The hostel started years ago by a couple of friends. It changed hands to a Tanzanian and an American in 2014. They ran it for a couple of years, but let's just say... they weren't really the hostel-managing types. It was a bit messy around here, and guests didn't know exactly where to sit down.

When Carelynn (that's me!) befriended them in 2016, told them about her plan to open a volunteer house for the NGO she coordinated, they told her the hostel was all hers if she wanted it. She didn't really want it, but thought she'd give it a try while waiting for volunteers to start arriving.

Volunteers arrived, but in small numbers; under the new regime, volunteer permits and work permits had become a BIG hassle! There was still plenty of room for guests at the hostel. Not only that, but Carelynn liked the guests (they're awesome!). Thus the NGO adopted Alizeti Hostel with open arms and with extreme gratitude... it has, since then, provided the financial foundation for the NGO programs.


This day of website launching isn't indicating a marked change. It is simply a reordering, a refreshing, a refocusing. We at Alizeti Hostel want to engage the whole community. And we want to make it as easy to join and participate in as possible. Hence the community events we help to coordinate and promote! Hence the Events Calendar! Hence the volunteer opportunities! Hence the blog - a participatory blog - to share stories about community members, travelers, volunteers, places to see and people to meet!

You're welcomed to keep following, to ask questions, to share a story, to make a comment or a suggestion. You're welcomed to be part of the Alizeti Community.

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