We are all explorers. Whether we board a bus or browse a blog. The Alizeti Community is a non-profit organization that celebrates community and culture.


We run a hostel – a temporary (or not-so-temporary!) home for explorers.


We organize community events to promote and celebrate Iringa and Tanzania.


We provide opportunities to explore the Iringa area.


We support disadvantaged Iringa youth by running programs in education, dance, music, and computers.


We keep a blog, to share explorers’ stories.


Let’s celebrate community and culture by exploring together.


Whether you’re a guest to Iringa or a community member, short or long-term, or yet-to-be-determined, you are welcomed to the Alizeti Community!


The Alizeti Community Hostel is a vibrant community hub for volunteers, travellers, and community members. It is also the financial foundation for the Alizeti Community activities!





Youth Support

The Alizeti Community believes in the power of children and youth. The young generations have the energy to ignite amazing community, to learn and share art, music, and dance, to be ambassadors for environmental and social justice, and to change the world for the better. Through education and connecting youth with community mentors and teachers of cultural talents, we embrace and foster the energy of these young people, and channel it towards cultural and community vibrancy.

Volunteer opportunities

Iringa is filled with meaningful ways to volunteer. The Alizeti Community connects willing helpers with these opportunities, whether the volunteers are visitors to Iringa and stay for a discounted price at Alizeti Hostel, or community members who commute from their homes. The volunteer opportunities range from teaching, mentoring, building, painting, sharing a skill, photographing, and many more besides. Volunteering should be a positive and beneficial sharing experience on both sides. The Alizeti community makes sure it is.


Alizeti Hostel

Iringa, Tanzania

+255 (0) 69 288 2223

(Local and Whatsapp)

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